Mindfulness for Teens 8 week Workshop Programme


The ultimate purpose of the Mindfulness for Teens Workshop Programme is to support teenagers to create happy and healthy relationships towards themselves, family and friends as they live each day from a place of strength, inner calm, freedom and joy.  These workshops are designed to increase confidence, academic performance, self-esteem, and self-love whilst learning simple and empowering mindfulness techniques and strategies to cope with every day life.



  • To develop essential life skills and strategies with lasting effects.
  • To develop and understand about having a positive/growth mind-set.
  • Teach grounding techniques when feeling emotional, angry, overwhelmed and uncertain etc.…
  • Learn about re-framing situations and how powerful this simple new way of thinking can change their outlook and perspective on life.
  • Self-Awareness through accepting feelings – then letting them go.
  • To learn new skills to go within and develop coping strategies in any situation.
  • Open-forum for discussion – sharing thoughts/ideas/challenges in a safe environment.
  • Breathing techniques and visualisations.
  • Guided imagery visualisations.
  • Meditation techniques. 
  • Tapping into ones own creativity and individuality.
  • Understanding ones own energy and that of others around you.
  • To empower teenagers to make positive choices knowing that they can always ask for help.


Don't forget that we also offer one on one individually tailored programmes. Contact us by phone or email to see how we can help your child.